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  • What really is Karate? What do you teach at Zurisk Karate Academy?

    Karate means "empty hand" in Japanese. We train to defend ourselves using our empty hands. We also teach the use of pressure points, how to use kicks and hand strikes, proper blocking techniques, and we make certain to retain the value of keeping up cardio fitness. There is also a special jiu-jitsu class that features judo throws, jiu-jitsu style grappling and utilizes cardio fitness.
  • Do I need prior marial arts experience to join?

    The short answer is "no". We welcome students at all levels when they begin. We do make sure that the instruction is challenging though for all participants. We ask you to do you best and work at your pace. As your skill improves you'll notice how quickly you begin to advance.
  • Can kids join as well as adults?

    We feature classes for kids from 4 years old to adult. Each class has a different emphasis geared specifically for the students. We recommend trying a free class, please see the front desk for details.